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Shoko Otowa was born in Japan.
She graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada,
with bachelor's degree of Arts

(Faculty of Communication in the department of Applied Science). 

Since 2013 oilpainting has been her main occupation.

During 2018-2021 she studied sculpture, dessin and watercolor painting in France.


She is an artist who expresses a portrait of one's heart.  

Her delicate and sensitive works of color and brush depict the sentiment of

nostalgia, solitude and hope.  ​

She is a Promotion ambassador of the City of Kuji

(in the Iwate prefecture-Northeast part of Japan- facing the Pacific Ocean).

Since 2021, she values and cares more about the beauty within oilpainting as a tangible object.

Such as:

  -Shades by the multiple layered bases

  -Traces of brush strokes and finger

  -Thickness of paints

  -Poetical sentiment narrated by blurred colours

Painting looks different depends on the angle and a position of a light source, it fascinates her as well.

She always paints being enchanted by the dramatic marriage of colours and textures on canvas.



Received Awards/works


London International Creative Competition 2023

(Professional section/CREATE (Art) )


CD jacket artwork
"RADIOTANGO" (Pablo Ziegler Chamber Quartet)


7 awarded artists exhibition by JCAA

-Gallery K


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

313×313 Dreaming ART  Royal park hotel HANEDA
-Royal park hotel HANEDA


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

L'Art Actuel France-Japon
-The National Art Center, Tokyo 

Les Etoilesde Demain par JCAA
-Musee de Louvre Carrousel, Paris

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